Activewear made in Latvia for dancers, tennis players and sports lovers! 🖤

ESTRADA is a sportswear brand that unites fashion with functionality. Our sportswear is characterised by clean lines that are incorporated in modern and classic models and bright colours. ESTRADA is daring. The classical collection also includes models that courageously reveal more than expected. ESTRADA collections are designed for dancing, tennis and an active lifestyle.

The material used in our clothing is produced in Italy. It is of high quality, produced according to the highest sportswear functionality requirements.

We are open and we love challenges. Along with ESTRADA collections, we produce sports team gear according to customer’s wishes. Many teams and groups do sports in sportswear produced by us.

The company was founded in 2011.

Until summer 2017, sportswear produced under the brand ESTRADA was known under the TILLY brand. With rebranding, the changes have also influenced our women’s design collections, as they have become bolder and more daring. ESTRADA also designs men’s team sport gear according to customer’s wishes.

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